AutoVideoscript is a simple software tool to transcribe your video data. With a few clicks it creates a ready to use transcription of your video sequence and exports it as a MS Word document. All you need is a photogram series. AutoVideoscript transcriptions are based on the MoViQ system which is the standard for video analysis in the documentary method (Dokumentarische Methode) by German sociologist Ralf Bohnsack*. But you can also use the AutoVideoscript transcriptions to perform a content analysis or conversation analysis. Whether in large scale research projects or in student papers using visual methods, AutoVideoscript will be a big time saver. AutoVideoscript is the perfect solution for the transcription problem in video analysis.

* Bohnsack, R., 2008. The Interpretation of Pictures and the Documentary Method. Forum: Qualitative Social Research 9;
Bohnsack, R., 2013. Documentary Method, in: Flick, U. (Ed.), The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Data Analysis. SAGE Publications Ltd, pp. 217–233.

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